🎵 Shell script to fix the Spotify icon in Ubuntu.
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fix-spotify-icon Build Status

Shell script to fix the Spotify icon in Ubuntu.

Spotify uses a green icon in the system tray, which is not in accordance with the standard system tray icons in Ubuntu. You could replace the icon manually, but you would have to repeat it every time Spotify is updated, since the icon is overwritten in the process. This shell script minimizes the pain with a simple one-line command that replaces the Spotify system tray icon with a more fitting one.


$ wget -O fix-spotify-icon.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/faviouz/fix-spotify-icon/master/src/fix-spotify-icon.sh
$ chmod +x fix-spotify-icon.sh
$ sudo mv fix-spotify-icon.sh /usr/local/bin/fix-spotify-icon


$ fix-spotify-icon