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The Simple Plugin in jQuery Java Script Framework.
The stringToSlug converts any string to SLUG in all Languages with or without accented characters and Special Characters too.
The plugin removes special characters, converts the string to lowercase and defines a space character. You can set a prefix and/or suffix before to convert.
Transforming a string into a url-friendly permalink.
You can use the plugin to display a view in html elements or form inputs.
It is the only plugin that removes the stress of words, exchanging letters marked by unaccented letters.
Features version 1.0:
- Set one or more events to work (Default events are keyup, keydown and blur)
- Set get input or element to view the slug (Ex: input[type=hidden] or span#slug)
- Set character to space (Ex: hiphen or underscore)
Features version 1.0.1:
- a little upgrade for win-1250. Some czech letters more (by Ales)
Features available with version 1.2.0
- Set prefix (Ex: prefix table "tbl_")
- Set suffix (Ex: file extension ".jpg")
- Define replace regExpress before the slug generate (Ex: remove text in parentheses)
Features available with version 1.2.1
- Fixed error when use '_' or other char in space char
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