Cursor placement bug on iOS Devices #23

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When there's a special character in a mask, such as ( or - on iOS devices the cursor is positioned one character before it should be, such as:

mask: 99-99.

Typing 9:


typing 9 again:


typing 9 again (this is when the bug happens:)


This causes the replacement of the last 9, so if you type 1234 on iGadget, you get:


Thanks for your help.

PS: the backspace key also doesn't work on iPads and iPhones.

Confirmed these bugs, and also same problem(s) on Android browsers including default browser & Chrome.


fabiomcosta commented Dec 20, 2012

hmm thats bad. I'll need to automate tests on these devices, do you have any ideas on how to do it? maybe?
Thank you very much guys!

Any updates on this, @fabiomcosta ?


fabiomcosta commented Oct 27, 2015

@gabrielmoser unfortunately not.
I don't have time to maintain this project but @johnvoloski and I are glad to receive pull requests and/or new maintainers.
I went ahead and added a warning about this right on the beginning of the README file.


johnvoloski commented Oct 27, 2015

the time I can devote to project is little, I can do some things still, but more maintainers is a good idea. (:

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