Automatic menus for Joomla! CMS 2.5
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Automatic menus for Joomla! CMS 2.5

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Created out of the need to synchronize Joomla!CMS menus with content creation.

There are ways to get Joomla!CMS to display in a module a list of articles, but sometimes, actual menus are required because of features like automatic expansion, or simply to integrate with existing templates that were prepared for use with Joomla menu structures.

However, menu creation is a repetitive, error-prone task. It's frustrating to have to create a new menu every time a new article is posted in some category. It should be automatic.

That's what this plugin is for.

Development status

This plugin is under not-so-active development, and it's very incomplete. However, it does the basic job of creating menus along with articles. Nothing else is implemented at this point.