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@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato released this Dec 17, 2019 · 95 commits to master since this release

  • Dropped support for IE10
  • $.fn.hasClass: ensuring it always returns a boolean
  • $ accepting also an events map as its only argument
  • $|toggle: restoring custom display values
  • $.fn.before|after|append|prepend|insertBefore|insertAfter|appendTo|prependTo: ensuring multiple nodes are inserted in the correct order
  • Ensuring attached events never get forgotten
  • Ensuring script tags are executed even if they have a “src” attribute, and without using eval
  • Ensuring the order of event namespaces doesn’t matter
  • Squeezed some more bytes out of the bundle (~4%) and improved code style consistency
  • Squeezed some more bytes out of the bundle (~1.5%), bringing back the minified and gzipped size below 5kb
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