@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato released this Jan 3, 2019 · 80 commits to master since this release

Assets 18
New Features
  • Added support for .txt files
  • Added KaTeX support
  • Added support for Mermaid charts
  • Added support for double-click to collapse/expand tags
  • Search: searching notes contents (non fuzzly) too
  • Rendering normal tags as root tags if there are no notebooks and templates
  • Using the current query as the newly created note’s title if the query returned no matches
  • Improved perceived startup time
  • Automatically tag/favorite/trash a new note in order to keep it in the currently active section
  • Added some more shortcuts for navigating tags/notes
  • Search: Improved performance — searching for each word individually
  • Search: skipping filtering when simply reordering
  • Readme: added a link to the raw version of the tutorial notes
  • Readme: added TiddlyWiki to the comparison table
  • Readme: added Typora to the comparison table
  • Readme: added Google Keep to the comparison table
  • Readme: replaced ASCII table with a fancy table
  • Using more ergonomic shortcuts for toggling editing
Bug Fixes
  • Avoiding using a form for the search box
  • Search: ensuring the list gets refreshed when changing the sorting order
  • Improved support for titles containing non-English characters
  • Avoiding auto-hiding the menu bar, it caused too much confusion
  • Tag collapsing/expanding: ensuring notebooks and templates don’t get duplicated
  • Avoiding loading the tutorial notes if there’s already a notes directory in the data directory
  • Tags: always displaying the notes counter, even if 0
  • Improved support for CRLF
  • Ensuring the layout proportions are preserved when toggling Focus mode
  • Tag: improved current tag detection
  • Tags/Attachments popovers: ensuring they get refreshed when the note changes
  • Ensuring Svelto works on Windows
  • Ensuring there’s always a separator before the Notable -> Quit menu entry
  • Ensuring checkboxes are always displayed

@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato released this Dec 26, 2018 · 130 commits to master since this release

Assets 18
  • Simplified import tag
  • Multi-Editor: improved confirmation messages for adding/removing tags
  • Tagbox: ensuring their never share the same name
  • Multi-Editor: ensuring tags are automatically added on blur
  • Multi-Editor: ensuring placeholders are completely visible
  • Note: avoiding replacing tags if they didn’t actually change
  • Improved performance when using optimistic rendering
  • Ensuring the active tag is updated when we refresh the tags
  • Readme: fixed download link
  • Tags Popover: ensuring the tagbox doesn’t mutate the note’s tags
  • Tags: more resilient sort logic
  • Note: avoiding replacing the note twice when saving if the title didn’t change
  • Tags: updating the tree instead of completely rebuilding it, O(n) -> O(1)
  • Ensuring the special “Tags” tag is collapsible too
  • Search: ensuring the optimized version is actually used
  • Note: avoiding auto-suspending commonly called safe methods
  • Skipping unnecessary updates on multiple note additions
  • Skipping unnecessary updates on multiple note deletions
  • Skipping unnecessary updates on multiple note updates
  • Multi-Editor: skipping some work when possible
  • Ensuring the Tags special tag is never deleted