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Autosaving sticky note with support for multiple notes without needing multiple windows.
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Autosaving sticky note with support for multiple notes without needing multiple windows.


  • Supports multiple notes without needing multiple windows.
  • Auto-saves your notes.
  • To-Do functionalities built-in.
  • Links support.
  • Bold/code/italic/strikethrough support.
  • Multiple cursors.
  • Find and Replace.
  • Programmers shortcuts.
  • Uses the FiraCode font.


Note: The following are macOS shortcuts, if you're using a different OS replace Cmd with Ctrl, or Alt if Ctrl is already used.

  • Cmd+N - Create a new note.
  • F2 - Rename the current note.
  • Cmd+Alt+Backspace - Delete the current note.
  • Tab - Indent current line.
  • Shift+Tab - Outdent current line.
  • Cmd+F - Find.
  • Cmd+G - Find next.
  • Cmd+Shift+G - Find previous.
  • Cmd+Shift+H - Replace.
  • Cmd+Shift+Alt+H - Replace all.
  • Cmd+Ctrl+Up - Move current line up.
  • Cmd+Ctrl+Down - Move current line down.
  • Alt+Click - Add a new cursor.
  • Cmd+Click - Open the clicked link.
  • Cmd+Enter - Toggle a todo's box symbol.
  • Alt+D - Toggle a todo's done symbol.
  • Alt+C - Toggle a todo's cancelled symbol.
  • Cmd+B - Toggle bold.
  • Cmd+` - Toggle code.
  • Cmd+I - Toggle italic.
  • Cmd+S - Toggle strikethrough.
  • Cmd+1/9 - Select the 1st/9th note.
  • Cmd+Alt+Right - Select the next note.
  • Ctrl+Tab - Select the next note.
  • Cmd+Alt+Left - Select the previous note.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab - Select the previous note.


Switching note:

Switching note

New note and rename:

New note and rename


If you have an idea, or found an problem, please open an issue about it.

If you want to make a pull request, or fork the app, you should:

git clone
cd noty
npm install
npm run dev


  • vscode-todo-plus: Visual Studio Code extension that implements the same To-Do functionalities, and much more.
  • Notable: The markdown-based note-taking app that doesn't suck.


MIT © Fabio Spampinato

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