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Extensions allow extending the debugger without modifying the debugger code. This is implemented with explicit namespace packages.

To implement your own extension:

  1. Ensure that the root folder of your extension is in sys.path (add it to PYTHONPATH)
  2. Ensure that your module follows the directory structure below
  3. The __init__.py files inside the pydevd_plugin and extension folder must contain the preamble below, and nothing else. Preamble:
except ImportError:
    import pkgutil
    __path__ = pkgutil.extend_path(__path__, __name__)
  1. Your plugin name inside the extensions folder must start with "pydevd_plugin"
  2. Implement one or more of the abstract base classes defined in _pydevd_bundle.pydevd_extension_api. This can be done by either inheriting from them or registering with the abstract base class.
  • Directory structure:
|--  root_directory-> must be on python path
|    |-- pydevd_plugins
|    |   |-- __init__.py -> must contain preamble
|    |   |-- extensions
|    |   |   |-- __init__.py -> must contain preamble
|    |   |   |-- pydevd_plugin_plugin_name.py