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Tool to help in dealing with multiple repositories
(currently only supporting git repositories -- in the same dir)
@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ License: GPL 3, Copyright (c) 2012 by Fabio Zadrozny
Requisite: the python and git executables must be in your path.
Then, grab mu-repo from git:
@@ -43,4 +44,27 @@ mu list <-- will print a list of the repositories registered.
mu status <-- will go into each subdir and do 'git status'.
mu checkout release <-- will go into each subdir and do 'git checkout release'.
+mu-repo by default will execute commands in parallel, but in this mode,
+actions that require input will not work (and depending on the action,
+may even block), so, it's possible to force it to run in serial mode, where
+no buffering is done by setting the 'serial' flag to 1.
+i.e.: mu set_var serial=1
+(and to go back to having commands run in parallel, do mu set_var serial=0)
+If for some reason you don't have git in the path, it's possible to force
+its location by doing:
+mu set_var git=d:\bin\git\bin\git.exe

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