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# License: LGPL
# Copyright: Brainwy Software
from pyvmmonitor_core import abstract
from pyvmmonitor_core.callback import Callback
from pyvmmonitor_framework.extensions.ep_selection_history import EPSelectionHistory
class EPSelectionService(EPSelectionHistory):
Note: the PluginManager is able to keep instances alive through each context, so, if there are
many incompatible selections, one could ask for different selection contexts.
PluginManager.get_instance(EPSelectionHistory) as the default data selected and
PluginManager.get_instance(EPSelectionHistory, 'window') for the window selected.
def __init__(self):
self.on_selection_changed = Callback() # Called as on_selection_changed(source, selection)
def set_selection(self, source, selection):
Changes the selection and notifies users through on_selection_changed.
:param source:
The object that's the source of the selection (could be anything).
:param object selection:
The selected object (usually a string which maps to an obj_id in the model).
def get_source(self):
def get_selection(self):
:rtype object:
Return the selection selected.