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@@ -13,33 +13,27 @@
* Check that new jars with the corresponding versions have been build in
de.bastiankrol.startexplorer-updatesite/plugins and
-* Copy following files from de.bastiankrol.startexplorer-updatesite
- to the gh-pages branch
- - plugins/de.bastiankrol.startexplorer_1.x.y.2012xxxxxxxx.jar (to /update/plugins)
- - features/de.bastiankrol.startexplorer.feature_1.x.y.jar (to the /update/features)
- - artifacts.xml (to /update)
- - content.xml (to /update)
- - site.xml (to /update)
-* Add these files to git
-* Commit and push plugin-project, feature-project and update-site-project
-* Commit and push gh-pages branch
-* (This process is quite redundant - the update-site project should be in branch
- gh-pages)
+* Copy the following files per SCP/SFTP:
+ User: username,startexplorer
+ Host:
+ Directory: /home/project-web/startexplorer/htdocs/update
+ See also:
+ - plugins/de.bastiankrol.startexplorer_1.x.y.2012xxxxxxxx.jar (to the plugins directory)
+ - features/de.bastiankrol.startexplorer.feature_1.x.y.jar (to the features directory)
+ - site.xml
+ - artifacts.xml
+ - content.xml
* If you want to check if the new version can be correctly installed through the
Eclipse update mechanism, beware: if you contacted the update site before the
upload, you might need to restart Eclipse to see the new data from the remote
update site. Eclipse seems to cache this information.
-* Go to
-* Log in
-* Create a new folder for the version
+* Go to
* Upload (via web browser) the plug-in jar from
- de.bastiankrol.startexplorer-updatesite/plugins to the sourceforge website
-* Click the i-icon next to the newly uploaded file
-* Under "Default Download For:", click the "Select All" link and save
- (it takes a minute or until this setting is honored by sourceforge)
-* Update de.bastiankrol.startexplorer/misc/release-notes/README.txt and upload it
- to the same folder as the plug-in jar.
+ de.bastiankrol.startexplorer-updatesite/plugins
-* If help was updated, copy it to project web site
+* Update README.markdown in gh-pages and add an entry to the Release Notes
+ section for the new version
+* If help was updated, copy it to project web site / gh-pages
@@ -1,55 +0,0 @@
-Version 1.0.0
-* Finally, this plug-in supports Linux and Mac OS and not only Windows!
-* Bugfix: Select File in File Manager option was neither stored nor
- used.
-Version 0.9.0
-* Context Assist for variables in configuration dialog for custom commands.
-* You can now configure the resource type a custom command is intended for,
- either "Files", "Folders" or "Files & Folders". If a custom command that
- is intended for files is execute on a directory, a dialog box with an error
- message is shown and no action is taken. If, on the other hand, a custom
- command intended for a folder is executed on a file, the command
- automatically uses the parent directory. Finally, for a custom command that
- is intended for files & folders, no such check is executed before invoking
- the command.
-* "Copy resource path to clipboard" is now also available from the editor view.
- This didn't make sense before (because it more or less would only copy the
- selected text to the clipboard) but in connection with the feature to use the
- file opened in editor when the text selection is empty this is quite useful.
- By executing this on an empty text selection, you can now copy the path of
- the edited file directly to your clipboard.
-Version 0.8.0
-* Changed behaviour for "Show resource(s) in Windows Explorer" and "Start a
- Windows Explorer in this path": if you select a file (not a directory), the
- corresponding file will be selected in the Windows Explorer instance that is
- to be opened. This new behaviour can be disabled by unchecking "Select File
- In Explorer" in the preference page.
-Version 0.7.0
-* Now it is possible to invoke the StartExplorer commands (predefined and
- custom ones) from the editor window for the file currently opened in the
- editor. If the current text selection is empty, the file being edited will be
- used for "Start Windows Explorer", "Start file with system editor", "Start
- cmd.exe", ...
-* New defaults for custom commands. The default custom command "Edit with
- UltraEdit" has been discarded, instead, there are two custom commands using
- Notepad and one that echos all variables just to showcase which variables can
- be used.
-Version 0.6.2
-* Comprehensive Eclipse Help documenation. Go to
- Help -> Help Contents -> StartExplorer Help
- to read it.
-* Two new variables:
- In addition to ${resource_path}, ${resource_name} and ${resource_parent},
- there are now two new variables:
- - ${resource_name_without_extension}: File name or directory name of the resource,
- without path and without extension
- - ${resource_extension}: Only the file's extension (aka suffix)

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