All you need to make your own EggBot
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All you need to make your own EggBot.

This repository contains the Arduino code and a computer application to print files.


  • Hardware is under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0
  • Arduino code is under GNU GPL
  • The GcodeSender (computer application) application is under MIT Licence


  • 1x Arduino uno
  • 1x CNC shield for Arduino UNO
  • 2x A4988 Stepper driver
  • 2x Nema 17 Stepper motor
  • 1x mini servo
  • 1x 12 volt power supply (min 1A)
  • 6x Jumpers


  • 8x Nuts M4
  • 1x Threaded shaft M4 100mm
  • 8x Hex head screws M4 x20mm
  • 20x Nuts M3
  • 16x Screws M3 x 8mm
  • 12x Screws M3 x 16mm
  • 8x Washers M3
  • 1x Nail diam 1 or 2mm
  • 1x Spring ~M4

Computer application

alt text

Steps to print a file

  • start the application
  • choose and open the port where the arduino is connected (donc forget to upload the Arduino sketch first)
  • choose the file you want to print
    • this is a simple GCode file
    • you can convert an image with the last version of inkscape (demo)
  • [Optional] adjust the limits
  • [Optional] adjust the scale
  • [Optional] define home
  • "Print that egg"