Smart Citizen Kit firmware for the Ambient Sensor Board
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Smart Citizen Kit

Smart Citizen Kit BETA version for the Ambient Sensor Board.



  • Download the latest firmware release here.


Quick start

Loading Firmware

The firmware is totally compatible with Arduino. You can upload the firmware using the Arduino IDE.

  • For SmartCitizen Kit version 1.0 select Tools/Boards/Arduino Leonardo on the Arduino IDE (ATmega 32U4 at 16Mhz)

  • For SmartCitizen Kit version 1.1 select Tools/Boards/Lylipad Arduino USB on the Arduino IDE (ATmega 32U4 at 8Mhz)


The current firmware version in use is 0.9.4.

We currently support the SD card version on as a diferent firmware SDCARD, currently 0.8.7 SDCARD.

You can see the release history here

You can see the hardware versions here

Advance References

  • Setup commands reference in

  • Basic documentation for creating your own Sensor Boards here

  • Slideshow with project technical details

Support and issues


  • We are working on improving the firmware documentation for developers but still we encourage you to Fork the project and do a Pull request with your contributions.