Examples for the Fablabs.io API in different programming languages
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FabLabs.io Api Examples

This repository includes some examples for the Fablabs.io API in different programming languages.

Feel free to add other examples sending PRs.

Getting started

In order to use any of these examples you need an Application ID and Secret.

Follow the Fablabs.io Developer Guide to learn how to create one.

All examples run on port 3001, so make sure to specify http://localhost:3001/auth/callback as the redirect URL.

Once you have the credentials, you should set the following environment variables before running the examples

export FABLABS_IO_API_KEY='your key'
export FABLABS_IO_API_SECRET='your secret'

If you use a local server:

export FABLABS_IO_API_HOST='http://api.fablabs.local:3000'
export FABLABS_IO_WEB_HOST='http://www.fablabs.local:3000'

If you use the staging server

export FABLABS_IO_API_HOST='http://api.staging.fablabs.io:3000'
export FABLABS_IO_WEB_HOST='http://www.staging.fablabs.io:3000'

If you use the production server

export FABLABS_IO_API_HOST='https://api.fablabs.io'
export FABLABS_IO_WEB_HOST='https://www.fablabs.io'

Examples index


  • Vue.js with zeit micro local auth server
  • Express
  • Angular (coming-soon)