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Smart Citizen Kit firmware for SD

Smart Citizen Kit SD firmware version for the Ambient Sensor Board.

This firmware is aimed to people wanting to log data in off-line mode, without internet connectivity, storing data on the built-in micro SD.


  1. microSD: We recomend formating micro SD cards using the official SD tool you can download here.

  2. RTC: Place a CR1220 cell battery on your kit. Before uploading the SD firmware use the on-line configuration tool at to set your Wi-Fi credentials. Your kit will connect to the internet and sync its the internal clock with our remote servers.

  3. You can now install the SD firmware using the Arduino IDE. Ready!


The firmware is totally compatible with Arduino. You can upload the firmware using the Arduino IDE.


In order to compile and upload the firmware you will need to install the SdFat library for Arduino.

Download the library here and install the library following the instructions.


  • For SmartCitizen Kit version 1.0 select Tools/Boards/Arduino Leonardo on the Arduino IDE (ATmega 32U4 at 16Mhz)

  • For SmartCitizen Kit version 1.1 select Tools/Boards/Lylipad Arduino USB on the Arduino IDE (ATmega 32U4 at 8Mhz)

##SD data format

When using the SD firmware on the SCK, data is stored as CSV (comma separated) file on the SD card.

This is an example of the output file once opened on a spreadsheet application:

Temperature Humidity Light Battery Solar Panel CO NO2 Noise UTC
2821.20 4072.00 4413.10 96.40 0.00 94.67 0.65 5.23 2000-01-01 00:00:02
2784.40 4236.80 5936.70 96.10 0.00 278.27 1.05 2.39 2000-01-01 00:00:02

###Data Import

You can import the recorded data in to

In your device page you will find the Import SD along with the Edit and Configure options.


Using a microSD card reader get the post.csv file from your card, select it and click import. Data will be imported in to your device, data existing on the file already imported will be skipped. Your kit should be running the latest SD firmware and the SCK time (RTC) should be set in order data can be imported.

###Data Conversions

The data stored is automatically converted to the proper units in firmware.

If you prefer to do the conversions manually set DataRaw false in the Constants.h file and apply the formulas on the following table:

ID Sensor Units Conversion Formula
0 Temperature ºC T = -53 + 175.72 / 65536.0 * ( Traw * 10 )
1 Humidity %Rel H = 7 + 125.0 / 65536.0 * ( Hraw * 10 )
2 Light Lux L = Lraw / 10
3 Battery % Not required
4 Panel mV Not required
5 CO kOhm Not required
6 NO2 kOhm Not required
7 Noise dB Apply the conversion table from mV to dB: CSV
8 Date DD:MM:YY Not required
9 Time hh:mm:ss Not required