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This project contains course notes, code and design files for a module in digital fabrication methods taught at the University of Brighton.

Published version

A live version of this content is published at:

This is published using Github Pages from the source markdown files in the /docs folder of this repo.

How to contribute

Content is stored in a structure to support publishing via Jekyll/Github Pages to a flat HTML website.

Site structure

If you'd like to contribute, or use the content, most of the course content is located in the /docs folder.

Course notes for each week are in /docs/_course-notes

There are also folders for special projects and howto guides, such as:

Design files and code examples are in their own folders at the root level: /3d-models, /arduino-code, /board-designs, etc.

Adding a new course page

  • Create a markdown file in /docs/_course-notes
  • Follow the existing naming format used by other files in that folder
  • Give your post some descriptive 'frontmatter', like this:
layout: page
title:  "Week 3: Laser cutter: computer-controlled cutting (CNC)"
date:   2018-11-23
author: Andrew Sleigh

Adding images

Store all publishing assets in /docs/assets.

Include them on your page like this:

![programming boards diagram-sm.png]({{ "/assets/programming boards diagram-sm.png" | relative_url }})

Non-image assets should be stored in separate folders, e.g. /docs/assets/file or /docs/assets/video

Adding links to other pages

Links to external pages use the standard markdown syntax ([link text]( To link to a page in this site (and for it to render properly on the live website, use this syntax:

[board programming guide]({{ site.baseurl }}/guides/guide-board-programming)
[DIY Arduino notes]({{ site.baseurl }}diy-arduino)

Adding links to source code and other content in the github repo

Hopefully you are keeping things like arduino code, board designs and 3D files in this repo!

If so, you can link to them easily just like any other external URL ('external' because they are outside of the /docs folder). e.g.

[Files on Github: `/board-designs/diy-arduino-0.1`](

Further help

Markdown: Jekyll and liquid syntax:

Source material

Source material is credited on the appropriate pages. The course itself is largely derived from the content taught in Fab Academy


Developing course material for a Digital Fabrication Module at the University of Brighton




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