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Fable: F# |> JS

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Fable is an F# to JavaScript compiler powered FSharp Compiler Services, designed to make F# a first-class citizen of the JavaScript ecosystem. Check the website for more information and if you find the project useful, don't forget to give us a star!

Fable actually uses a fork of FCS with a few tweaks. Binaries are in lib/fcs folder. See this PR for more info.

Getting started

Check this page.



Use VSCode Dev Container

You can use VSCode Dev Container to get a preconfigured environment both with requirements and VSCode extensions.

  1. You need to have docker installed and running.
  2. Install the Dev Container extension in VSCode
  3. Open the project in VSCode and click on the green button in the bottom left corner.

Use your machine

Make sure the following requirements are installed in your system:


Run ./ or ./build.cmd to see the build options.

When using VSCode, you can also run the build tasks from the command palette (Ctrl+Shift+P) by typing Run Task and selecting the task you want to run.

We also configured several debug configurations that you can use from the debug panel (Ctrl+Shift+D). This is useful as you can attach the debugger to the Fable compiler process to check what's going on.


Just by using Fable you're already contributing! You can help the community a lot by sharing examples and experiences in your personal (or Fable's) blog and/or by editing the Fable Resources page.

Send bug reports (ideally with minimal code to reproduce the problem) and feature requests to this GitHub repository. To interact with the community you can use the Gitter chat but please note maintainers are not checking the chat regularly.

If you are up to contribute a fix or a feature yourself, you're more than welcome! Please send first an issue or a minimal Work In Progess PR so we can discuss the implementation details in advance.