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Fable is an F# to JavaScript compiler powered by Babel, designed to produce readable and standard code. Check the website for more information and if you find the project useful, don't forget to give us a star!


Make sure the following requirements are installed in your system:

Then you just need to type ./build.cmd or ./build.sh depending on your system to build a local copy of Fable and run the test suite. After that, if you want to quickly try changes to Fable source, please check src/tools/QuickTest.fs.


Just by using Fable you're already contributing! You can help a lot the community by sharing examples and experiences in your personal blog and sending a PR to fable-awesome.

Send bug reports (ideally with minimal code to reproduce the problem) and feature requests to the GitHub repository. Issues with the label discussion will be also added to ask the opinion of the community on different topics like roadmap, etc. For more immediate comments you can use the Gitter chat.

If you are up to contribute a fix or a feature yourself, you're more than welcome! Please send first an issue or a minimal Work In Progess PR so we can discuss the implementation details in advance. We're planning to add documentation for developers directly in the code, either as README files in each directory or as comments in the source. This is currently an ongoing effort.