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This is the repository hosting samples for quite all your Fable needs. The best move to start a new Fable project is to clone this repo and then copy/paste one of the projects. There aren't so many files inside each project so that should really be easy.

So what do we have here?

Easy like 1,2,3

  1. browser, a simple canvas experiment to get started with Fable and the Browser DOM Api

  2. nodejs, a simple Node.js app with .fs files transpiled as independent .js files

  3. nodejsbundle, a simple Node.js app bundled into one single .js file

  4. promises, do you like dogs? Display a :🐶: pic everytime you refresh the page. Here we introduce promises and fetch to get random dog pics!


  1. minimal, a great sample featuring a React Single Page Application and Elm architecture. Great to get started with Fable for real.

  2. fulma, full fledged Single Page Application featuring React, Bulma CSS (Fulma) and Elm architecture. The de-facto template for nowadays web apps. We've got you covered with this template.

  3. mocha, add tests to your Fable projects with the mocha lib! An easy to understand template with an architecture you can reproduce in already existing Fable projects.

  4. withPaket, desperate to add many .NET NuGet packages without conflicts? Let's use paket in your project!

Don't forget to read our lovely hand written README file located in each folder! Thanks and have fun!