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Fable samples

Building and running the samples

  • Restore NPM dependencies: yarn install
  • Restore NuGet dependencies: dotnet restore
  • Move to src folder: cd src
  • Restore NuGet dependencies to get fable cli working: dotnet restore
  • Start Fable and Webpack dev server: dotnet fable yarn-start
  • In your browser, open localhost:8080/[EXAMPLE] (e.g. http://localhost:8080/ozmo)

Any modification you do to the F# code will be reflected in the web page after saving. If you want to write JS files to disk instead of using the development server, run dotnet fable yarn-build.

Adding a new sample

  • Take one of the existing samples as a reference.
  • Add the information about your sample to public/samples.json5: id, entry file (usually the .fsproj), title and description; in one of the three categories: "games", "visual" or "productivity".
  • Add one folder named after the id of the sample to src directory and another one to public. The first one will contain the F# (and maybe JS) source files, while the second contains the public assets for the sample (like index.html, images, etc).
  • Add the project to the Fable.Samples.sln solution: dotnet sln add src/my-sample/My.Sample.fsproj
  • Restore NuGet dependencies: dotnet restore


Fable samples for browser apps




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