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** This project ist OUT OF DATE and I am currently not able to maintain it **

What we are building

Lime is a social media app, which allows you to post images and text messages which will be visible inside a certain area. Lime was originally built in java as a native android app. In Order to provide an iOS version as well the app gets rebuilt using Flutter. We will release the iOS Flutter version soon all basic features are working and the plan is to replace the native app as soon as the flutter version becomes more powerful to provide an unified experience using one codebase. We will also build a web-version which also uses Dart as primary language.

GIF: Lime native android app

Getting Started

Lime is built using Dart and the amazing Flutter ❤️
For help getting started with Flutter, view our online documentation.

I have also written an article about how Lime is built using Flutter (25.05.2017) here: How lime is built. This should help you getting started into Lime development ☺️

We encourage you to use all best practices provided by the flutter team.

Looking forward to your contribution 👍

Feel free to file bug reports or feature requests!