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BROM transport

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About BROM-transport

BROM-transport is a one-dimensional model for water-sediment columns, resolving both vertically with an integrated approach. It applies the same set of FABM modules across both water and sediment (i.e., a single fabm.yaml file is used for both), allowing one to use the same building blocks (e.g., redox and carbonate chemistry, bacteria) in both.

BROM-transport is not a hydrodynamic model - it accepts forcing in the form of water column turbulent diffusivity, temperature and salinity, which are then used to drive FABM and the transport (mixing and sinking/floating) of biogeochemical tracers. The forcing variables are typically derived from simulation with a 1D or 3D hydrodynamic model.

BROM-transport is a cross-platform program; it writes results in NetCDF format.

Instructions on how to download compile and use BROM-transport are available from its repository on GitHub.

For more information, please contact Evgeniy Yakushev.