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How to cite

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If you would like to refer to FABM in publications, please cite:

Bruggeman, J., Bolding, K., 2014. A general framework for aquatic biogeochemical models. Environmental Modelling & Software 61: 249–265. DOI: 10.1016/j.envsoft.2014.04.002

FABM citation count

If you use any of the third party biogeochemical models included with FABM in the src/models directory, please also cite the papers relevant to those.

Source code

If you would like to refer to the FABM source code, you can do so by its Zenodo DOI:


The above DOI will always point to the latest version. Specific FABM versions have their own individual DOIs, as shown in the "Versions" box on the Zenodo release page.


If you would like to refer to the FABM website, please use:

These URLs will keep working even if FABM were ever to move away from GitHub.