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What is it?

This is a template to be used in Jenkins CI in order to build a Ruby On Rails project

Required hudson plugins

Required Ruby gems


After you've installed require gems in your project test the following commands are working in your environment

    rake db:migrate db:test:prepare
    rake ci:setup:rspec spec:rcov
    rake CUCUMBER_OPTS='--format html --out features/reports/features.html' cucumber

You should edit your Rakefile to make some of them working by adding the following lines

    # used to generate ci reports, see ci_reporter documentation
    require 'ci/reporter/rake/rspec'

Finally you should add metrical configuration in .metric file in your project, this is the mine

    # used to generate metrics, see metric_fu documentation do |config|
      config.metrics = [:churn, :flog, :flay, :reek, :roodi, :hotspots, :rails_best_practices]
      config.metrics << :saikuro unless RUBY_VERSION == '1.9.2'
      config.graphs = [:flog, :flay, :reek, :roodi, :rails_best_practices]

I excluded rcov from metric_fu configuration because coverage task is included in Ruby Metrics Plugin.

Then in order to configure Jenkins:

  1. Install required Jenkins plugins using the plugin manager
  2. Make rvm available to the Jenkins user
  3. Install at least one Ruby for the jenkins user and set it to default with rvm use <ruby> --default, where <ruby> is the version you've installed.
  4. Install metrical gem for the jenkins user (rvm use default && gem install metrical)
  5. Install this template in Jenkins by cd $JENKINS_HOME/jobs && git clone git:// rails-template
  6. Restart Jenkins to load the new job template
  7. Click on "New Job"
  8. Enter a "Job Name"
  9. Select "Copy existing job" and enter "rails-template" into the "Copy from" field.
  10. Click "OK"
  11. Disable the "Disable Build" option
  12. Fill in your "Source Code Management" information
  13. Edit project options as your needs (i.e. disabling some steps or reports)
  14. Click "Save"

Thanks to

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