Node.js Telegraf (Telegram) bot to share YouTube fetched videos from any channel.
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YouTube search bot (yt-search-bot)

What is this repository about?

This project is a Node.js Telegraf (Telegram) bot to share YouTube channel videos.

This is the code powering @ytsearchbot.

How it works?

People says "images are worth thousands of words". Let's make that sentence true:

@ytsearchbot Faze Clan



Press on any video, for example the third.



This Telegram Bot basically reacts to inline queries: input a YouTube channel nickname and just wait. Last results will appear with thumbnail, title and description... Press on them and you can share its link to every people you're talking it, fast and easy, without even open your YouTube app!

About this repo

This repository is based on my repository about Telegram bots based on Telegraf. For more details about how to quickstart a Telegraf bot for Telegram app and how to configure additional features, check:


Once you cloned the repository: git clone, you need to enter into project dir: cd yt-search-bot and type npm install to install all dependencies.

Create a config.js file in the root of this project with the following info:

module.exports = {
    // API key for YouTube

    // API key for Telegram

For YouTube API key, check:

For Telegram API key, check and follow README instructions about how to create a Telegram Bot.

Once you've set up your API key, just type: npm start ...done!