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@@ -84,15 +84,19 @@ can use the ``extend()`` method to do just that::
return new Twig_Environment($c['twig.loader'], $c['twig.options']);
- $c['twig'] = $c->extend(function ($twig, $c) {
+ $c['twig'] = $c->extend('twig', function ($twig, $c) {
$twig->addExtension(new MyTwigExtension());
return $twig;
+The first argument is the name of the object, the second is a function that
+gets access to the object instance and the container. The return value is
+a service definition, so you need to re-assign it on the container.
Fetching the Object creation function
-When you access an Object, Pimple automatically calls the function that you
+When you access an object, Pimple automatically calls the function that you
defined, which creates the Object for you. If you want to get this function,
you can use the ``raw()`` method::

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