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@@ -128,20 +128,18 @@ use is ``locales/en.yml``. Just do the mapping in this file as follows:
hello: Hello %name%
goodbye: Goodbye %name%
-Repeat this for all of your languages. Then add the files to the
- $app['translator']->addResource('yaml', __DIR__.'/locales/en.yml', 'en');
- $app['translator']->addResource('yaml', __DIR__.'/locales/de.yml', 'de');
- $app['translator']->addResource('yaml', __DIR__.'/locales/fr.yml', 'fr');
-Finally, register the ``YamlFileLoader`` on the translator::
+Then, register the ``YamlFileLoader`` on the ``translator`` and add all your
+translation files::
use Symfony\Component\Translation\Loader\YamlFileLoader;
$app['translator'] = $app->share($app->extend('translator', function($translator, $app) {
$translator->addLoader('yaml', return new YamlFileLoader());
+ $translator->addResource('yaml', __DIR__.'/locales/en.yml', 'en');
+ $translator->addResource('yaml', __DIR__.'/locales/de.yml', 'de');
+ $translator->addResource('yaml', __DIR__.'/locales/fr.yml', 'fr');
return $translator;
@@ -154,9 +152,9 @@ Symfony2 ``Config`` component as a dependency (see above for details).
Then, similarly, create XLIFF files in your locales directory and add them to
the translator::
- $app['translator']->addResource('xliff', __DIR__.'/locales/en.xlf', 'en');
- $app['translator']->addResource('xliff', __DIR__.'/locales/de.xlf', 'de');
- $app['translator']->addResource('xliff', __DIR__.'/locales/fr.xlf', 'fr');
+ $translator->addResource('xliff', __DIR__.'/locales/en.xlf', 'en');
+ $translator->addResource('xliff', __DIR__.'/locales/de.xlf', 'de');
+ $translator->addResource('xliff', __DIR__.'/locales/fr.xlf', 'fr');
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