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@@ -255,20 +255,18 @@ how you can do it::
} catch (Twig_Error_Syntax $e) {
// $template contains one or more syntax errors
-Refreshing modified templates when APC is switched on with apc.stat = 0
+Refreshing modified Templates when APC is enabled and apc.stat = 0
-When using APC to cache, apc.stat is 0 and PHP caching of templates is enabled
-the result won't show until cache is cleared. To get around this one can extend
-Twig_Environment and force update cache when Twig rewrites the cache::
+When using APC with ``apc.stat`` set to ``0`` and Twig cache enabled, clearing
+the template cache won't update the APC cache. To get around this, one can
+extend ``Twig_Environment`` and force the update of the APC cache when Twig
+rewrites the cache::
- /**
- * Modified Twig Environment for APC bytecode cache support
- */
class Twig_Environment_APC extends Twig_Environment
- protected function writeCacheFile($file, $content) {
+ protected function writeCacheFile($file, $content)
+ {
parent::writeCacheFile($file, $content);
// Compile cached file into bytecode cache

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