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Adding a section about the slice filter to doc/tags/for.rst

This code example shows how to loop over a subset of values in order to implement one common use-case of "break" in PHP. I decided to use the "full" notation of slice rather than the sugared version (that example would just be "for user in users[:10]")


202641a Adding link to slice filter per Stof's suggestion
8ebbaaa Adding a section about the slice filter
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@@ -155,3 +155,17 @@ You can also access both keys and values:
<li>{{ key }}: {{ user.username|e }}</li>
{% endfor %}
+Iterating over Subset
+You might want to iterate over a subset of values. This can be achieved using the :doc:`slice<../filters/slice>` filter:
+.. code-block:: jinja
+ <h1>Top Ten Members</h1>
+ <ul>
+ {% for user in users|slice(0,10) %}
+ <li>{{ user.username|e }}</li>
+ {% endfor %}
+ </ul>

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