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Comprehensive mailing tools for PHP 5

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Swift Mailer, by Chris Corbyn

Swift Mailer is a component based mailing solution for PHP 5.
It is released under the LGPL license.

Mailing List:

Swift Mailer is highly object-oriented by design and lends itself
to use in complex web application with a great deal of flexibility.

For full details on usage, see the documentation.

IMPORTANT: Users upgrading from version 3.x or earlier absolutely
           MUST read the documentation.  In short, the API is considerably
           different so your old code won't "just work".

If you'd like to make a donation, we are working on a system where
donations are taken on a per-feature-request basis via the website
with target amounts for each feature. In the meantime however you
may donate directly to the author via PayPal:


Donations are certainly voluntary, but seriously, you donors are
complete legends and drive this project! :)
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