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Open Cloud Optimized GeoTiffs in C# Console Library

After researching some solutions, mostly in Python or using GDAL (QGis/ArcGis) I worked to build this first working version.

The idea is to access GeoTiff (local or COG) and return the corresponding value given a latitude/longitude.

      GeoTiff geoTiff = new GeoTiff(new Uri(url), directoryTemp);

      double value = geoTiff.GetElevationAtLatLon(latitude, longitude);

As an example, url_COG + expected result. This same Tiff is in the Sample directory, it can be accessed locally. 
 Latitude::  13.88427 
 Longitude:  -89.42231
 Value:    3.6284714
 Latitude:   13.59475;
 Longitude: -88.84668;
 Value:    8.6823205947876

Map of El Salvador - Wind Data 50m

Support crop area function:

 Bottom-Left: 14.004, -89.572
 Upper-Right: 14.221, -89.227


Some project details: I used some best practices from the DEM.Net lib and as a base (used as reference) the BitMiracle/ lib.

Feel free to download, modify and suggest changes (such as pull request).


Copyright © 2022 Fabricio Rodrigues Released under the MIT license.