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1 Ctrl-C dosn't quite work... especially not with the tail example
9 Allow for truly parallel execution (run on all hosts simultaneously)
13 Reduce print & exit() statements to as few functions as possible
15 Figure out a way to do plugins
    - SCM support should be done entirely in plugins
16 Get a better shell
26 Fix upload_website when new files are added
28 Grant more control over the output - e.g. hide 'run'/'sudo' lines
29 Allow more interactivity -- detect remote prompts and passthru to user
31 Figure out how to deal with the use of different @hosts lists when running
    more than one command in a single session.
33 When imported instead of ran via 'fab' (and/or controllable via option),
    raise an exception instead of calling sys.exit().
34 Put in optional (or default w/ option) timeouts for operations (or make
    sure existing network timeouts work correctly)
35 Figure out convenient way for users to set per-host passwords beforehand
36a Consider using or pulling ideas from for easier path management
    - Paver uses it too
    - Lots of Smart People don't seem put off by its magic
    - Definitely feels Pythonic and would save typing
36b Another (I think) idea: context managers to effect
    "cd foo && /bin/blah", e.g.
        with cwd('/tmp/'):
            run('touch test')

    would effectively do 'cd /tmp/ && ls' followed by 'cd /tmp/ && touch test'.

37 Put in ANSI-stripping functionality/options -- would save me a ton of time
    doing it in my fabfiles and could be generally useful.
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