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from fabric.utils import abort, indent
from fabric import state
# For attribute tomfoolery
class _Dict(dict):
def _crawl(name, mapping):
``name`` of ``'a.b.c'`` => ``mapping['a']['b']['c']``
key, _, rest = name.partition('.')
value = mapping[key]
if not rest:
return value
return _crawl(rest, value)
def crawl(name, mapping):
result = _crawl(name, mapping)
# Handle default tasks
if isinstance(result, _Dict):
if getattr(result, 'default', False):
result = result.default
# Ensure task modules w/ no default are treated as bad targets
result = None
return result
except (KeyError, TypeError):
return None
def merge(hosts, roles, exclude, roledefs):
Merge given host and role lists into one list of deduped hosts.
# Abort if any roles don't exist
bad_roles = [x for x in roles if x not in roledefs]
if bad_roles:
abort("The following specified roles do not exist:\n%s" % (
# Look up roles, turn into flat list of hosts
role_hosts = []
for role in roles:
value = roledefs[role]
# Handle "lazy" roles (callables)
if callable(value):
value = value()
role_hosts += value
# Strip whitespace from host strings.
cleaned_hosts = [x.strip() for x in list(hosts) + list(role_hosts)]
# Return deduped combo of hosts and role_hosts, preserving order within
# them (vs using set(), which may lose ordering) and skipping hosts to be
# excluded.
# But only if the user hasn't indicated they want this behavior disabled.
all_hosts = cleaned_hosts
if state.env.dedupe_hosts:
deduped_hosts = []
for host in cleaned_hosts:
if host not in deduped_hosts and host not in exclude:
all_hosts = deduped_hosts
return all_hosts
def parse_kwargs(kwargs):
new_kwargs = {}
hosts = []
roles = []
exclude_hosts = []
for key, value in kwargs.iteritems():
if key == 'host':
hosts = [value]
elif key == 'hosts':
hosts = value
elif key == 'role':
roles = [value]
elif key == 'roles':
roles = value
elif key == 'exclude_hosts':
exclude_hosts = value
new_kwargs[key] = value
return new_kwargs, hosts, roles, exclude_hosts
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