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Changelog re #775

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commit 221731e4c3439a8a5f3eb03064600d2d16deaf90 1 parent 0a8342c
Jeff Forcier bitprophet authored
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4 docs/changelog.rst
@@ -25,6 +25,10 @@ would have also been included in the 1.2 line.
+* :bug:`775` Shell escaping was incorrectly applied to the value of ``$PATH``
+ updates in our shell environment handling, causing (at the very least)
+ `~fabric.operations.local` binary paths to become inoperable in certain
+ situations. This has been fixed.
* Added current host string to prompt abort error messages.
* :release:`1.5.1 <2012-11-15>`
* :bug:`776` Fixed serious-but-non-obvious bug in direct-tcpip driven
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