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Patch submission guidelines
-* **Commit bugfixes to the latest release branch** (e.g. ``1.4``), **not
- master**. Master is only for new features or possibly-disruptive bugfixes
- (which is a judgement call -- when in doubt, ask.)
+* **Create a new Git branch specific to your change(s).** For example, if
+ you're adding a new feature to foo the bars, do something like the
+ following::
+ $ git checkout master # or the latest release branch -- see below
+ $ git pull
+ $ git checkout -b foo-the-bars
+ <hack hack hack>
+ $ git push origin HEAD
+ <submit pull request based on your new 'foo-the-bars' branch>
+ This makes life much easier for maintainers if you have (or ever plan to
+ have) additional changes in your own ``master`` branch.
+* Base **bugfixes** off the **latest release branch** (e.g. ``1.4``) and **new
+ features** off of **master**. If you're unsure which category your change
+ falls in, just ask on IRC or the mailing list -- it's often a judgement call.
* **Make sure documentation is updated** -- at the very least, keep docstrings
current, and if necessary, update the ReST documentation in ``docs/``. For
example, new ``env.*`` settings should be added to ``docs/usage/env.rst``.

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