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Rethink connection lifecycle and 'eager' disconnecting #1805

4 tasks
bitprophet opened this issue Jun 19, 2018 · 1 comment
4 tasks

Rethink connection lifecycle and 'eager' disconnecting #1805

bitprophet opened this issue Jun 19, 2018 · 1 comment


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  • kept a (partly-documented) connection cache around, with the intent to prevent unnecessary reconnections to servers that might be spoken to by multiple tasks
    • though it was also a requirement forced on us by the global state design - with no explicit objects modeling those connections, keeping that cache was the only way to avoid creating a brand new end-to-end connection on every single run().
  • A disconnect_all function iterates the cache and explicitly closes the client objects / removes them, and it's called at end of session
  • We later added an opt-in eagerly_disconnect flag to force calling disconnect_all after every task, because advanced users found that lots of only-spoken-to-once servers can hog resources (think running out of file handles for sockets due to a typically-lowish ulimit, for example)


  • did not implement a cache, because it did implement explicit per-connection objects with an explicit lifecycle (up to and including support for use as contextmanagers)
  • should not need any explicit eager disconnecting, since each task invocation gets its own connection object, and connections ought to be getting GC'd when they go out of scope
  • may need double-checking of that, and updating either to ensure Connection does the right thing when GC'd, or to explicitly .close (by the Executor, most likely) at end of task and/or session
    • If that latter, then there's real potential work/discussion to be had, around whether we should close at end of task, session, both, configurability, etc


  • Double check garbage-collection behavior of Connection (and/or SSHClient) generally, re: whether it correctly closes socket when exits scope
  • Regardless of above, double check whether Connections do exit scope early or if they hang out until end of session.
    • AFAIK, it should be the former, since they only exist as variables within a given call of one or two Executor methods, and should thus disappear each time the Executor cycles through the tasks or permutations of tasks being invoked.
    • But thats' why it's a double check...
  • If they are not being GC'd as early as we'd like, identify why and whether it's a simple fix, probably release as a bugfix
  • Either way, document clearly the intended/current behavior, and identify whether there are reasonable opportunities for user configuration. If those are implemented, put it out as a feature.
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Kinda-sorta related: #1473 - insofar as the more we explicitly shut down connections on users' behalf, the less likely that end of session hang may be?

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