Convenience tweaks re: expected failures #627

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  • quiet kwarg to run/sudo/local which:
    • hides everything

    • sets warn_only=True

    • Use case: interrogative commands, whose result is often used as branching points in-code, where we don't usually want to see the output and do expect frequent failures.

    • Example:

      if run("dpkg --list | grep packagename", quiet=True).failed:
          # install packagename
  • maybe also a warn_only() contextmanager shortcut to settings(warn_only=True)?
    • first contextmanager with no parameterization, kinda ugly needing the parens still (unless I'm being dumb)
      • edit: I guess it could be an instance of a contextmanager class. slightly longer definition code, but easier invoke.
    • Maybe add on the output hiding so it's a contextmanager variant of quiet? with quiet():? with silence()?

Implemented with quiet: today, was surprisingly easy once I stopped making dumb mistakes.

Then went back and reread and realized I'd been thinking about primarily setting it up as a kwarg. This is probably smart because (at least IME) most uses of the pattern being aliased here wrap single run/sudo statements, not large blocks. Having a kwarg would thus prevent lots of needless extra lines+indents.

OTOH having only a kwarg means that block level use is still not as easy as it could be.

Here's a brainstorm of all possible related things we could add here:

  • with quiet: (implying warn_only)
  • runner(xxx, quiet=True) (ditto)
  • with warn_only:
  • runner(xxx, warn_only=True)

I'm also not a huge fan of quiet -- it is simple but only really implies the output hiding, not the warn_only. But I can't think of other shortish terms that would imply both (and possibly work well after with, though if we just go the kwarg route that's not as big a deal.)


Gonna go with quiet for now, as both kwarg and contextmanager, and leave it at that. Better name can wait for fab 2.


Implementation of the kwarg was mildly annoying as I didn't see any elegant solution besides literally using the contextmanager within operations._run_command, so now that's all indented more. Meh. It works, trying to "honor" quietness manually would've been duplicative and error prone and more code besides.


Not entirely sure why I skipped out on a non-quiet warn-only option; sure it's not quite as common as the "fully quiet" use case, but there are still times when you want it, and "don't fail fast" is probably a concrete enough concept by itself to merit its own context manager & kwarg.

Will see how complicated it is to add that in on top.

EDIT: also, going with warn_only for kwarg and context manager, even though warn is less verbose. I felt it was better to be consistent with the current API/nomenclature. Invoke, and thus Fab 2, (will) use just warn.

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