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I'm looking for a way to find all the tasks to be executed.

$ fab -H myhost task1 task2

env.tasks (or whatever) could be set to ['task1', 'task2']



It's not part of the public API, but you can do this:

import fabric.state

print fabric.state.commands.keys()

fabric.state.commands is the data structure fab builds when it parses args & such. It's a dict of the form {'task_name': task_object}.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

But it seems to give me the entire list of tasks for the current fabfile (it can be useful too... I was parsing a 'fab -l' to find these...).
It doesn't give me those asked to be executed.

fab -H myhost task1 task2
['task1', 'task2', 'task3', 'task4']

I was expecting :

['task1', 'task2']

Found from fabric.main, in command line parsing :

parser, options, arguments = parse_options()

where arguments is the list of tasks asked to be run... (but maybe other stuff... need to test more...).


Sorry, my bad -- I tested on a quick test fabfile. You're right -- we don't store the parsed info into env. It would be simple to do so -- if you want to dig into it I'd totally accept a patch.

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Moving to #709

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