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added documentation for getting autogenerated help #590

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I found that bin/fab -l was way too short for the documentation i wanted to give my fellow colleagues, so i went ahead and created a help method that is more verbose (and colorful) with help of

Im not sure wether this can (or should) be integrated in a long version of bin/fab -l (-ll maybe?), but i think it should be in the documentation how to achieve something like this.


There is already a -d flag that spits out the docstring. I'd be fine with making that feature more presentable in this way (re: colors and such) but I don't think adding another new option that does the same thing makes sense.

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Commits on Mar 15, 2012
  1. added instructions for getting autogenerated help

    Wolfgang Pfnür authored
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+Autogenerated Help
+If you write a file containing many tasks, then you might want to have your help autogenerated from your docstrings.
+To do this, simply paste the following lines into your file containing the tasks::
+ from fabric.colors import red, magenta, yellow
+ import fabric
+ import sys
+ @task(default = True)
+ def help():
+ """Prints the help
+ All callable methods with @task are printed, along with their docstring.
+ """
+ print_help_header()
+ mod = sys.modules[__name__]
+ for attr in dir(mod):
+ attribute = getattr(mod, attr)
+ if isinstance(attribute, fabric.tasks.Task):
+ print_help_attribute(attribute)
+ def print_help_header():
+ text = '%s HELP' % __name__.upper()
+ print yellow ('=' * len(text))
+ print yellow (text)
+ print yellow ('=' * len(text))
+ def print_help_attribute(attribute):
+ print
+ print magenta (attribute.__name__)
+ print magenta ('=' * len(attribute.__name__))
+ print
+ lines = attribute.__doc__.split('\n')
+ print magenta ('%s' % lines[0])
+ for line in lines[1:]:
+ print red ('%s' % line)
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