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Changes allow user to list tasks that will be executed calling env.tasks.

As fabric.state.commands.keys() stores all fabfile tasks.
Now env.tasks returns the list of tasks asked to be executed.

$ fab -H myhost task1 task2

>>> fabric.state.commands.keys()
['task1', 'task2', 'task3', 'task4']

>>> env.tasks
['task1', 'task2']


rsaikali added some commits Aug 20, 2012
@rsaikali rsaikali Tasks to be executed
Load state.env['tasks'] from arguments
@rsaikali rsaikali Tasks to be executed : Initialize env.tasks
Initialize 'env.tasks' to empty list.

This pull request passes (merged cac87ef into 994a76e).

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@rsaikali Can you do me a favor and add docs & a changelog entry for this? Check out docs/usage/env.rst and docs/changelog.rst -- it should be pretty obvious how they're put together, just follow existing entries. (Please also try to keep an 80-col line length and all that. :))

I'd also ask for tests but our setup for testing stuff in is pretty nonexistent so don't worry about it.


This pull request passes (merged c7e5a08 into 994a76e).


This pull request passes (merged 35f690d into 994a76e).


It looks like this got lost. Any reason it can't still be merged?

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Just time constraints :( Merging & tweaking now, should be pushed momentarily.

@bitprophet bitprophet merged commit 35f690d into fabric:master Dec 28, 2012

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