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from fabric.contrib.files import exists
def distro_name():
Return simple Linux distribution name identifier, e.g. ``"fedora"``.
Uses tools like ``/etc/issue``, and ``lsb_release`` and fits the remote
system into one of the following:
* ``fedora``
* ``rhel``
* ``centos``
* ``ubuntu``
* ``debian``
* ``other``
sentinel_files = {
'fedora': ('fedora-release',),
'centos': ('centos-release',),
for name, sentinels in sentinel_files.iteritems():
for sentinel in sentinels:
if exists('/etc/%s' % sentinel):
return name
return "other"
def distro_family():
Returns basic "family" ID for the remote system's distribution.
Currently, options include:
* ``debian``
* ``redhat``
If the system falls outside these categories, its specific family or
release name will be returned instead.
families = {
'debian': "debian ubuntu".split(),
'redhat': "rhel centos fedora".split()
distro = distro_name()
for family, members in families.iteritems():
if distro in members:
return family
return distro
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