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Fabric8 Base Images

This repository holds a set of useful Docker base images:

Image Description
java Java base images useful for microservices or JEE application servers
sti Source-To-Image base image useful when running in OpenShift V3
tomcat Tomcat 5.5, 6 - 8 images (+ a STI variant)
jetty Jetty 4 - 9 images (+ a STI variant)
karaf Karaf 2.3 and 3 images

The Docker build files for these images are generated by fish-pepper, a sophisticated template system for generation Docker builds. fish-pepper allows the composition of various building block so that parametrized Docker builds are easy possible.

In order to regenerate all Dockerfiles from the provided templates you need only to install fish-pepper via npm (assuming that you have node.js installed)

npm -g install fish-pepper

Java Base Images

The Java base images come in different flavors:

All images have the following features:

  • agent-bond is included which combines Jolokia and jmx_exporter
  • A startup script / is included which transparently starts Java application provided as FAT-jar or traditionally with a bunch of jar dependencies.

How to use these images and what environment variables can be used are described in the associated README files.


STI builder images for OpenShift V3 come in two flavors, one based on CentOS 7 the other has RHEL 7 as base.

These images support also agent-bond and the same startup script as the vanilla Java images described above.

The README contains more details.

Application Servers

This project also provides images for various application servers which can be used out of the box.

All images are enabled with agent-bond since they are derived from the base images described above. You can use the same environment variables to setup the agents.

The following applicaton servers are supported:


Docker base images




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