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Source-to-Image Builder images Docker Hub CircleCI

This repo holds the source for the fabric8's S2I builder images for OpenShift.

Java S2I Builder image

The S2I Java builder can be used to use generate Java S2I builds for flat classpath applications. It supports flat-classpath and fat-jar packaged applications, leveraging the run-java-sh project.

Karaf S2I Builder image

The Karaf S2I Builder image is used for creating S2I builds for Karaf based applications.


The project use fish-pepper to generete images/Dockerfiles, so do not directly change Instead:

  • makes your change in run-java-sh project.
  • download and install fish-pepper from master.
  • run it like path/to/fishpepperrepo/fish-pepper.js both in ./java and .karaf directories.

If you have errors please remove .fp-git-blocks/ directories under both ./java and .karaf.

Release Notes

Please keep the up-to-date.

Release Process

Simply creating a tag (and pushing it remote) will make Circle CI push a release of fabric8/s2i-java to Docker Hub:

git tag -a v3.0.0 -m "release v3.0.0"
git push origin v3.0.0

We also automatically publish from the master branch to latest-* tags.

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