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+ Updating jib-core to 0.15.0 broke our current JIB support due to
  incompatibility with httpclient. Updated apache httpclient to 4.5.10
+ Somehow behavior of Jib setting ImageFormat has been changed(maybe it was
  not working earlier. Introduced a new parameter in mojo ``
  to allow users specify image format(OCI or Docker) with Docker as
  default ImageFormat.
+ Minor Cleanup in Integration tests; Added an integration test for JIB mode
  which builds image tarball and verifies it by loading into docker daemon

This should also fix #1385

Co-authored-by: Roland Huß <>
43 contributors

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  • 0.34-SNAPSHOT

    • Building 'spring-boot-with-jib' sample fails with NoSuchMethodError (1384)
    • Loading Image tarball into docker daemon fails in JIB mode (1385)
  • 0.34.1 (2020-09-27)

    • Fix NPE with "skipPush" and no build configuration given (#1381)
    • upgrade to jib-core 0.15.0 (#1378)
    • Plugin now resolves ARG provided in BuildImageConfiguration (#1373)
  • 0.34.0 (2020-09-13)

    • Support ARG in FROM (#859)
    • Handle authentication tokens returned from credential helpers (#1348)
    • Migrate from joda-time to java.time (#1025) The handling of Y changes when the week straddle the New year (Stack Overflow)
    • Fix JSON error when parsin tafs (#1354)
    • Add skipPush option to build image configuration (#1243)
    • docker.container..ip property is no longer set (#1242)
    • Support squash in build options to squash newly built layers into a single layer (#785)
    • Support for JIB mode(#1277)
  • 0.33.0 (2020-01-21)

    • Update to jnr-unixsocket 0.25 to solve concurrency issues (#552)
    • Udate ECR AuthorizationToken URL to new endpoint (#1317)
    • Allow including com.amazonaws:aws-java-sdk-core as plugin dependency to pick up various forms of AWS credentials with which to authenticate at AWS ECR (#1311)
  • 0.32.0 (2020-01-08)

    • Support building dockerFile without pushing it to docker server (#1197)
    • Update to jnr-unixsocket 0.23
    • Add null check for null instance in config.json for email (#1262)
    • Allow merging of image configurations using <imagesMap> (#1259)
    • Update to joda-time 2.10.4 (#706)
    • Add docker:build support for 'network' option (#1030)
    • Avoiding chown to reduce the image size (#544) (Note: Assembly user format user:user:user with the third user option has been marked deprecated and will not be available in future versions of plugin)
    • Failure referencing a previous staged image in FROM clause (#1264)
    • Treat bridged and default network mode the same (#1234)
    • Fix NPE when cacheFrom is missing from config (#1274)
    • Fix healthy option regression introduced in 0.25.0 (#1279)
    • Allow killing and removing all spawned containers (#1182)
    • Deprecated "authToken" for ECR authentication in favor of "auth" (#1286)
    • Allow overriding of existing image in creation of temporary one with same tag before push (#838)
    • Pick up AWS credentials from ENV variables (#1310)
    • Fix accidentally disabled logging under certain conditions (#1291)
    • When stopping containers, try harder to remove containers, even if one fails (#1251)
    • Added integration tests (#1209)
  • 0.31.0 (2019-08-10)

    • Fix test cases on Windows (#1220)
    • ECR credentials from IAM Task role for ECS Fargate deployment (#1233)
    • Fix bug in properties names extracted from docker config json file (#1237)
    • Fix that portPropertyFile is not written anymore (#1112)
    • Use identity token if found in Docker config.json (#1249)
    • Allow also starting with an environment variable in targetDir of an aseembly config instead of insisting on only absolute path-names (#1244)
    • Support for pattern matching in docker:stop and docker:remove (#1215)
    • Increase interoperability with docker-java by accepting registry.username and registry.password, too (#1245)
  • 0.30.0 (2019-04-21)

    • Restore ANSI color to Maven logging if disabled during plugin execution and enable color for Windows with Maven 3.5.0 or later. Color logging is enabled by default, but disabled if the Maven CLI disables color (e.g. in batch mode) (#1108)
    • Fix NPE if docker:save is called with -Dfile=file-name-only.tar (#1203)
    • Fix NPE in BuildImageConfiguration (#1200)
    • Improve GZIP compression performance for docker:save (#1205)
    • Allow docker:save to attach image archive as a project artifact (#1210)
    • Use pattern to detect image name in archive loaded during build and tag with image name from the project configuration (#1207)
    • Add 'cacheFrom' option to specify images to use as cache sources (#1132)

Renamed "nocache" to "noCache" for consistencies reason. "nocache" is still supported but deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Same is true for the global system property "docker.nocache" which is renamed to "docker.noCache"

  • 0.29.0 (2019-04-08)
    • Avoid failing docker:save when no images with build configuration are present (#1185)
    • Reintroduce minimal API-VERSION parameter in order to support docker versions below apiVersion 1.25
    • docs: Correct default image naming
    • Proxy settings are being ignored (#1148)
    • close api version http connection (#1152)
    • Log more information when verbose=true (#917)
    • Obtain container ip address from custom network for tcp/http wait
    • Fix http (SSL) ping with 'allowAllHosts' flag enabled
    • Update to jnr-unixsocket 0.22
    • Enhance @sha256 digest for tags in FROM (image_name:image_tag@sha256) (#541)
    • Support docker SHELL setting for runCmds (#1157)
    • Added 'autoRemove' option for running containers (#1179)
    • Added support for AWS EC2 instance roles when pushing to AWS ECR (#1186)
    • Introduce contextDir configuration option which would be used to specify docker build context (#1189)
    • Add support for auto-pulling multiple base image for multi stage builds (#1057)
    • Fix usage of credential helper that do not support 'version' command (#1159)

Please note that dockerFileDir is now deprecated in favor of contextDir which also allows absolute paths to Dockerfile with dockerFile and it will be removed in 1.0.0. It's still supported in this release but users are suggested to migrate to contextDir instead.

  • 0.28.0 (2018-12-13)

    • Update to JMockit 1.43
    • Compiles with Java 11
    • Update to jnr-unixsocket version to 0.21 (#1089)
    • Add 'readOnly' option for docker:run cto mount container's root fs read-only (#1125)
    • Provide container properties to the wait configuration execution (#1111)
    • Allow @sha256 digest for tags in FROM (#541)
  • 0.27.2 (2018-10-05)

    • Fix NPE regression related to volumes (again) (#1091)
    • Fix NPE when stopping containers with autoCreateCustomNetworks (#1097)
    • Smarter API version handling (#1060)
    • Fix regression when calling the credential helper for authentication, leading to an exception because of the usage of an already shutdown executor service (#1098)
    • Add support for CPU configurations with compose (#1102)
  • 0.27.1 (2018-09-28)

    • Fix NPE when no volume configuration is present (#1091)
    • Allow credentialhelper look up the registry without scheme prefix (#1068)
  • 0.27.0 (2018-09-26)

    • Jump to Java 8 as minimal Java version
    • Fix NPE in docker:remove-volumes when no volume configuration is given (#1086)
    • Fix NPE when no networks are configured (#1055)
    • Fix Base64 encoding for X-Registry-Auth used for Docker authentication (#1084)
    • Fix property configuration based's build detection (#1078)
    • Introduce container name patterns for naming containers (#931)
    • Respect environment variables DOCKER_CONFIG, KUBECONFIG for looking up credentials (#1083)
    • Change from org.json with Gson for less restrictive licensing (#1016) (#1064)
    • Fix missing actions in a watch restart (#1070)
    • Fix for creating volumes with proper configuration during "docker:start" (#986)
    • Fix logging failure on Windows (#873)
  • 0.26.1 (2018-07-20)

    • Simple Dockerfile triggered also when only a single run section is given
    • Sample added for how to use run-java-sh in simple dockerfile mode
    • Allow both cred helpers and auth in Docker config (#1041)
  • 0.26.0 (2018-05-16)

    • Always create missing target directory for docker:save (#1013)
    • d-m-p plugins for adding extra files introduced. See documentation for more information.
    • Update assembly plugin to 3.1.0 (#1021)
    • Add option for regenerating certificates after starting Docker Machine (#1019)
    • Add startPeriod to healthCheck (#961)
    • Unbreak setting of entrypoint in exec form when property mode is enabled (#1020)
    • Fix enabling of log configuration (#1010)
    • Add possibility to use docker.imagePropertyConfiguration with multiple images (#1001)
    • Fix network aliases management for docker-compose mode (#1000)
  • 0.25.2 (2018-04-14)

    • Fix for docker login issue with using a credential helper (#946)
  • 0.25.1 (2018-04-12)

    • Fix regression which broke labels and env with space (#988)
    • Fix and enhanced zero-config Dockerfile mode
  • 0.25.0 (2018-04-04)

    • Fix possible NPE when logging to a file and the parent directory does not exist yet (#911) (#940)
    • Change content type to "application/json" when talking to the Docker daemon (#945)
    • PostStart exec breakOnError now fails fast (#970)
    • Use docker.skip.tag property on push and remove (#954) (#869)
    • Property placeholders are not interpolated when they are the only thing in the XML element value (#960)
    • Fix deadlock waiting on docker log pattern to match (#767) (#981) (#947)
    • Support multiline labels and empty labels (#968)
    • Handle multi line credential helper responses (#930)
    • Add support for merging external properties with XML configuration (#938) (#948)
    • Allow to specify different environment variables for run and build via properties (#386)
    • Add simplified configuration which picks up a plain Dockerfile automatically from src/main/docker (#957)
  • 0.24.0 (2018-02-07)

    • Respect system properties for ECR authentication (#897)
    • Simplified auto pull handling and moved to imagePullPolicy instead.
    • Initialize shutdown hook early to allow killing of containers when waiting for a condition (#921)
    • Fix for including in assembly in archive mode when using a Dockerfile (#916)
    • Fix for hanging wait on log (#904)
    • Fix for credential helper which do not return a version (#896)
    • Also remove tagged images when calling docker:remove (#193)
    • Introduced a removeMode for selecting the images to remove
    • Introduced a breakOnError for the postStart and preStop hooks in the wait configuration (#914)

Please note that autoPullMode is deprecated now and the behaviour of the autoPullMode == always has been changed slightly so that now, it really always pulls the image from the registry. Also removeAll for docker:remove is deprecated in favor of removeMode (and the default mode has changed slightly). Please refer to the documentation for more information.

  • 0.23.0 (2017-11-04)

    • Support relative paths when binding volumes in docker-compose.yml (#846)
    • Allow the session token for AWS authentication to be included in order to allow temporary security credentials provided by the AWS Security Token Service (AWS STS) to sign requests (#883)
    • Add support for credential helper to authenticate against a registry (#821)
    • Fix registry auth config in plugin configuration (#858)
    • Preserve leading whitespace in logs (#875)
    • Maven property interpolation in Dockerfiles (#877)
    • Allow parameters for the log prefix (#890)
    • When removing a volume don't error if the volume does not exist (#788)
    • Fix warning when COPY and/or ADD with parameters are used (#884)
  • 0.22.1 (2017-08-28)

    • Allow Docker compose version "2", too (#829)
    • Allow a registry to be set programmatically (#853)
  • 0.22.0 (2017-08-24)

    • Fix NPE when detecting cert paths (#764)
    • Fix skipDockerMachine (#759)
    • Fix property config handler to work also with dockerFile and dockerFileDir (#790)
    • Fix dockerFile option when pointing to another Dockerfile name (#784)
    • Allow comma separated list of container names in dependsOn elements (#810)
    • Trim whitespace and ignore empty elements in build configuration ports, runCmds, tags, volumes (#816)
    • Trim whitespace and ignore empty elements in run configuration ports (#816)
    • Fix "useAllReactorProjects" in assembly (#812)
    • Add ECDSA support (#824)
    • Fix test failures when build under Windows (#834)
    • Update dependencies to latest versions where possible
  • 0.21.0 (2017-05-16)

    • Add wait checker for checking the exit code of a container (#498)
    • Check for exited container when doing wait checks (#757)
    • New assembly configuration "name" for specifying the directory which holds the assembly files (#634)
    • Add support for property replacement in external Dockerfiles (#777)

Please note that now filtering in an external Dockerfiles is switched on by default. This might interfere with Docker build args, so should switch filtering off with <filter>false</filter> in the <build> configuration if you have issues with this. See also the Documentation about Filtering for more Details.

  • 0.20.1 (2017-03-29)

    • Tune log output for image names (#737)
    • Allow image with multiple path segments (#694)
    • Add support for PKCS#8 private keys in pem.key file. (#730)
    • Improve resource management for certificates and keys. (#730)
    • When using properties for configuration only build when from or fromExt is set (#736)
    • Add new mojo "docker:save" for saving the image to a file (#687)
    • Check whether a temporary tag could be removed and throw an error if not (#725)
    • Allow multi line matches in log output (#628)
    • Add a wait condition on a healthcheck when starting up containers (#719)
    • Don't use authentication from config when no "auth" is set (#731)
  • 0.20.0 (2017-02-17)

    • Removed build-nofork and source-nofork in favor for a more direct solution which prevents forking of the lifecycle. Please refer the documentation, chapter "Assembly" for more information about this.

The experimental goals build-nofork and source-nofork have been removed again. Please use build and source directly when binding to execution phases.

  • 0.19.1 (2017-02-09)

    • Fix handling of run commands from properties (#684)
    • Fix empty <link> causing NullPointerException (#693)
  • 0.19.0 (2017-01-03)

    • Better log message when waiting for URL (#640)
    • Extended authentication for AWS ECR (#663)
    • Add two new goals: "volume-create" and "volume-remove" for volume handling independent of images.
    • Support for loading from an tar archive (option <build><dockerArchive>) (#645)
    • Support when both dockerFileDir and dockerFile are set and dockerFile is a relative path (#624)
    • Fix concurrency issue when writing into log files (#652)
    • Support any Docker build options (#666)
  • 0.18.1 (2016-11-17)

    • Renamed basedir and exportBasedir in an <assembly> configuration to targetDir and exportTargetDir since this better reflects the purpose, i.e. the target in the Docker image to which the assembly is copied. The old name is still recognized but deprecated.
    • Fix issue with log statements which use a single argument form
    • Fix bug in HTTP wait configuration when using an external property handler (#613)
    • Fix NPE for "docker:log" when the container to log has already been stopped (#612)
    • Allow a protocol (tcp/udp) for the specification of a port (#610)

The following variables in the assembly configuration has been renamed for consistencies sake:

  • basedir --> targetDir
  • exportBasedir --> exportTargetDir

The old variable names are still accepted but will be removed for release 1.0

  • 0.17.2 (2016-11-3)

    • Fix issues with an empty Docker config file
  • 0.17.1 (2016-10-28)

    • Add initial Docker compose support (#384)
    • Made docker:run running in the foreground
    • Add lifecycle fork to package for docker:build and docker:source for ease of use. Introduced docker:build-nofork and docker:source-nofork
    • Removed lifecycle forks for all other Mojos (#567) (#599)
    • Add new option tarLongFileMode for the assembly configuration to avoid warning for too long files (#591)
    • Add new option tmpfs for <run> to add mount pathes for temorary file systems (#455)
    • Changed docker.image to docker.filter and <image> to <filter>.

For 0.17 the lifecycle handling of the plugins has changed slightly. All forks to the initialize phase have been removed since they collide with certain setups. Instead a fork to the package phase has been introduced for docker:build and docker:source to make it easier for them to be consumed on the commandline (because otherwise at least package has to be added as goal so that the assembly could be constructed from the artifacts built). If you have these goals bound to an <execution> please use build-nofork and source-nofork instead, otherwise the package phase will be called twice.

Also the treatment of the Maven property docker.image has changed. This was supposed to be used as a filter which caused a lot of confusion if people accidentally put their Docker image names into this property. Now the property has no special meaning anymore, and you can use docker.filter now for filtering out a specific images to build. For the same reason the top-level configuration element <image> has been renamed to <filter>.

  • 0.16.9 (2016-10-23)

    • Removed (undocumented) property which could be used to be inserted as a %a specifier part in an image name.
    • Fixed exposing of all property and port mappings (#583)
    • Fix concurrency issue on log wait (#596)
    • Add Dockerfile HEALTHCHECK support (#594)
    • Fix writing empty property files (#592)
  • 0.16.8 (2016-10-14)

    • Allow multiple network links per <link> element (#558)
    • Fix startup of dependent containers when using links with specific container ids (#586)
  • 0.16.7 (2016-10-07)

    • Even better logging
  • 0.16.6 (2016-10-07)

    • Fix concurrency issues when doing a watch on logs (#574)
    • Break push with dedicated registry if temporary image tag already exists (#575)
    • Reduce log output for the non color case when pulling images (#568)
    • Add possibility to change colors in log messages
    • Don't print a progressbar when in batch mode (mvn -B) (#564)
    • Add exposedProperty key to change the alias part of the exposed container properties (#557)
  • 0.16.5 (2016-09-27)

    • Refactored Docker connection parameter detection
    • Added a for extended definition of base images (#572)
  • 0.16.4 (2016-09-26)

    • Fix issue with DOCKER_HOST coming from Docker Machine
    • Don't pull a 'scratch' base image (#565)
    • Fix handling when looking up non-existing containers (#566)
  • 0.16.3 (2016-09-22)

    • Add 'allowAllHosts' to ping wait checker (#559)
    • Allow 'stopAllContainers' also as Maven properties (#536)
    • Use alias for stopping containers when naming strategy "alias" is used (#536)
    • New option 'startParallel' for docker:start to speedup execution (#531)
    • Tuned detection of docker host connection parameters to be more extensible
  • 0.16.2 (2016-09-15)

    • Fixed naming of 'buildArgs' for docker:build (was args formerly)
    • Experimental Support for 'Docker for Windows' (#523)
    • Remove versions from custom lifecycle deps (#539)
    • Fix extra new line in logoutput (#538)
  • 0.15.16 (2016-08-03)

    • Run 'stopContainer' in a Future to short circuit extra waiting (#518)
    • Don't pass docker.buildArg values that are empty (#529)
    • Add new implicit generated properties docker.container.<alias>.net.<name>.ip when custom networks are used (#533)
  • 0.15.14 (2016-07-29)

    • Pattern match fix for multiline log output. Related to (#259)
  • 0.15.13 (2016-07-29)

    • Add for running containers in special security contexts (#524)
    • Add support for multiples network aliases (#466)
  • 0.15.12 (2016-07-25)

    • API and documentation updates
  • 0.15.11 (2016-07-20)

    • Invoke the initialize phase before docker goals (#315)
    • Allow images to only be pulled once per build (useful for reactor projects) (#504)
    • Allow retry of pushing a docker image in case of a 500 error (#508)
    • Add "ulimits" to run-configuration (#484)
  • 0.15.10 (2016-07-19)

    • Don't do redirect when waiting on an HTTP port (#499)
    • Removed the container fetch limit of 100 and optimized getting containers by name and image (#513)
  • 0.15.9 (2016-06-28)

    • Fixed issue when target directory does not exist yet (#497)
  • 0.15.8 (2016-06-27)

    • Removed image configuration caching (#495)
    • Fix for tcp wait when used with Docker for Mac (#430)
    • Add warning when assembly is empty when watching a Docker image (#490)
    • Add,, docker.skip.push properties and renamed docker.skipTags to docker.skip.tag (#483)
    • Reverted jansi back to version 1.11 because of this issue
    • Add new assembly config options permissions for fine tuning permissions in the docker.tar (#477). Deprecated ignorePermissions in favor of a <permissions>ignore</permissions>
    • Add auto creation of custom networks if the option autoCreateCustomNetwork is set (#482)
    • Support for docker machine added (#481)
  • 0.15.7 (2016-06-09)

    • Add support for '.maven-dockerinclude' for including certain files in plain Dockerfile build (#471)
    • Add support for placeholders in image names.
    • Expose container id as Maven property docker.container.<alias>.id (#412)
    • Fix broken link in documentation (#468)
  • 0.15.4 (2016-06-03)

    • Update dependencies: Apache HttpClient 4.5.2, JMockit 1.23, ...
    • Fix read-only bindings (#462)
    • Add 'shmSize' as option to the build config (#463)
    • Fixed issue with memory and `
  • 0.15.3 (2016-05-27)

    • Add duration information when pulling, building and pushing images (#313)
    • Fixed logging to always use format strings (#457)
    • Allow extended image names (#459)
  • 0.15.2 (2016-05-19)

    • More robust response stream parsing (#436)
    • Add docker.dockerFileDir and docker.dockerFile to the properties configuration provider. (#438)
    • Fix splitting of bind volumes for Windows pathes (#443)
    • Add new build config option user for switching the user at the end of the Dockerfile. docker.user can be used for the properties configuration provider (#441)
    • Include dot dirs when creating the build tar (#446)
    • Fix property handler with wait config but empty tcp wait connection (#451)
  • 0.15.1 (2016-05-03)

    • Fix push / pull progress bar (#91)
    • Allow empty environment variable (#434)
    • Async log request get now their own HTTP client (#344) (#259)
  • 0.15.0 (2016-04-27)

    • Be more conservative when no "warnings" are returned on create (#407)
    • Fix parsing of timestamps with numeric timezone (#410)
    • Validate image names to fit Docker conventions (#423) (#419)
    • Add support for builds args in external Dockerfiles (#334)
    • Move dockerFileDir to topLevel <build> and introduced dockerFile directive build>assembly>dockerFileDir is now deprecated and will be removed.
    • Add new packaging "docker" (build + run), "docker-build" (build only) and "docker-tar" (creating source) (#433)
    • Add docker:run as an alias to docker:start
    • Expose certain container properties also as Maven properties. By default the format is docker.container.<alias>.ip for the internal IP address of container with alias <alias>. (#198)
  • 0.14.2

    • Introduce a mode try for <cleanup> so that an image gets removed if not being still used. This is the default now, which should be close enough to true (except that it won't fail the build when the image couldn't be removed) (#401)
  • 0.14.1

    • First (test) release performed with a fabric8 CD pipeline. No new features.
  • 0.14.0

    • Add support for Docker network and host, bridge and container network modes (#335)
    • Add support for older Maven versions, minimum required version is now 3.0.5 (#290)
    • Update to maven-assembly-plugin 2.6 which fixes issue with line endings on windows (#127)
    • Disabled color output on Windows because ANSI emulation can't be enabled in Maven's sl4j logger which caches system out/err
    • Moved to fabric8io as GitHub organization which implies also changes in the maven coordinates (Maven group-id is now io.fabric8)
    • Fix wait section in samples (#385)
    • Add logging configuration to property handler
    • Add support for a logging driver (#379)

With version 0.14.0 this plugin moved to the fabric8 community in order to provide even better services. This include a change in the Maven coordinates. I.e. the Maven group id is now io.fabric8 (formerly: "org.jolokia"). Please adapt your pom files accordingly.

  • 0.13.9

    • Check also registry stored with an https prefix (#367)
    • Don't stop containers not started by the project during parallel reactor builds (#372)
  • 0.13.8

    • Add option nocache to build configuration (#348)
    • Add system property docker.nocache to disable build caching globally (#349)
    • Add support for '.maven-dockerignore' for excluding certain files in plain Dockerfile build (#362)
    • If naming strategy is "alias" stop only the container with the given alias with docker:stop (#359)
    • Fix that containers without d-m-p label where still stopped
    • Add support for OpenShift login (use -DuseOpenShiftAuth for enabling this) (#350)
    • Add support for dedicated pull and push registry configuration respectively (#351)
  • 0.13.7

    • Fix default for "cleanup" in build configuration to true (as documented) (#338)
    • Fix dynamic host property update in port mapping (#323)
    • New goal 'docker:source' for attaching a Docker tar archive to the Maven project with an classifier "docker-" (#311)
    • Be more careful with chowning the user when is used in an assembly (#336)
    • Move VOLUME to the end of the Dockerfile to allow initialization via RUN commands (#341)
    • Allow multiple configurations with different Docker hosts again (#320)
    • docker:start blocks now only when system property docker.follow is given (#249)
    • docker:stop only stops containers started by this plugin by default (#87)
    • Lookup ~/.docker/config.json for registry credentials as fallback (#147)
  • 0.13.6

    • Don't use user from image when pulling base images (#147)
    • Add a new assembly descriptor reference hawt-app for using assemblies created by hawt-app
  • 0.13.5

    • Improvements for docker:watch (#288)
    • Add parameter kill to <watch> configuration for waiting before sending SIGKILL when stopping containers (#293)
    • Add file for <log> to store the logout put in a file. Use docker.logStdout to show logs nevertheless to stdout (#287)
    • Support watchMode == copy for copying changed assembly files into a running container (#268)
    • Add a target/classpath file to the assembly as classpath for artifact-with-dependencies predefined assembly descriptor (#283)
    • Disable Apache HTTP Client retry in WaitUtil (#297)
  • 0.13.4

    • Support explicit exec arguments for start.cmd and start.entrypoint. (#253)
    • Fix processing of split chunked JSON responses (#259)
    • Fix for default registry handling. Again and again. (#261)
    • Allow runCmds to be compressed into a single command with the build config option optimise. (#263)
    • Proper error message when default timeout is hit while waiting (#274)
    • Add proper error message when docker host URL is malformed (#277)
    • If no wait condition is given in wait continue immediately (#276)
    • Add logic to specify exec commands during postStart and preStop (#272)
    • Fixed docker:watch bug when watching on plain files
  • 0.13.3

    • Allow dangling images to be cleaned up after build (#20)
    • Adapt order of WORKDIR and RUN when building images (#222)
    • Allow 'build' and/or 'run' configuration to be skipped (#207)
    • Refactored to use 'inspect' instead of 'list' for checking the existence of an image (#230)
    • Refactored ApacheHttpClientDelegate to avoid leaking connections (#232)
    • Allow empty build or assembly elements (#214) (#236)
    • Add new configuration parameter 'maxConnections' to allow to specify the number of parallel connections to the Docker Host. Default: 100 (#254)
    • Allow multiple containers of the same image to be linked (#182)
    • HTTP method and status code can be specified when waiting on an HTTP URL (#258)
    • Introduced global portPropertyFile setting (#90)
    • Allow the container's host ip to be bound to a maven property and exported
  • 0.13.2

    • "run" directives can be added to the Dockerfile (#191)
    • Support user information in wait URL (#211)
    • Stop started container in case of an error during startup (#217)
    • Allow linking to external containers (#195)
    • Allow volume mounting from external containers (#73)
  • 0.13.1

    • Allow autoPull to be forced on docker:build and docker:start (#96)
    • Respect username when looking up credentials for a Docker registry (#174)
    • Add "force=1" to push for Fedora/CentOs images allowing to push to docker hub

Note that the default registry has been changed to as docker hub doesn't use as the default registry and refused to authenticate against this registry. For backward compatibility reasons, and can be used as a server id in ~/.m2/settings.xml for the default credentials for pushing without registry to Docker hub.

  • 0.13.0
    • Add docker:watch (#187)
    • Allow extraHosts IPs to be resolved at runtime (#196)
    • Add workDir as configuration option to <build> (#204)
    • Fix problem with log output and wait (#200)
    • Don't verify SSL server certificates if DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY is not set (#192)
    • For bind path on Windows machines (#188)
    • No 'from' required when using a Dockerfile (#201)
    • Support for LABEL for build and run.

Note that since version 0.13.0 this plugin requires Docker API version v1.17 or later in order to support labels.

The watch feature has changed: Instead of using paramters like or for docker:start a dedicated docker:watch has been introduced. Also the <run><watch>...</watch></run> configuration has been moved one level up so that <watch> and <run> are on the same level. Please refer to the manual for an in depth explanation of the much enhanced watch functionality.

  • 0.12.0
    • Allow CMD and ENTRYPOINT with shell and exec arguments (#130) (#149)
    • Unix Socket support (#179)
    • Add a new parameter 'skipTags' for avoiding configured tagging of images (#145)
    • Break build if log check or URL check runs into a timeout (#173)

Please note that for consistencies sake <command> has been renamed to <cmd> which contains inner elements to match better the equivalent Dockerfile argument. The update should be trivial and easy to spot since a build will croak immediately.

The old format

  <command>java -jar /server.jar</command>

becomes now



    <shell>java -jar /server.jar</shell>

depending on whether you prefer the exec or shell form.

  • 0.11.5

    • Fix problem with http:// URLs when a CERT path is set
    • Fix warnings when parsing a pull response
    • Add a new parameter 'docker.follow' which makes a docker:start blocking until the CTRL-C is pressed (#176)
    • Add a user parameter to the assembly configuration so that the added files are created for this user
    • Fix problem when creating intermediate archive for collecting assembly files introduced with #139. The container can be now set with "mode" in the assembly configuration with the possible values dir, tar, tgz and zip (#171)
    • Workaround Docker problem when using an implicit registry when no registry is explicitly given.
    • Fixed references to docker hub in documentation (#169)
    • Fixed registry authentication lookup (#146)
  • 0.11.4

    • Fixed documentation for available properties
    • Changed property docker.assembly.exportBase to docker.assembly.exportBaseDir (#164)
    • Changed default behaviour of exportBaseDir (true if no base image used with from, false otherwise)
    • Fix log messages getting cut off in the build (#163)
    • Allow system properties to overwrite dynamic port mapping (#161)
    • Fix for empty authentication when pushing to registries (#102)
    • Added watch mode for images with (#141)
    • Added support for inline assemblies (#157, #158)
    • Add support for variable substitution is environment declarations (#137)
    • Use Tar archive as intermediate container when creating image (#139)
    • Better error handling for Docker errors wrapped in JSON response only (#167)
  • 0.11.3

    • Add support for removeVolumes in docker:stop configuration (#120)
    • Add support for setting a custom maintainer in images (#117)
    • Allow containers to be named using <namingStrategy>alias</namingStrategy> when started (#48)
    • Add new global property 'docker.verbose' for switching verbose image build output (#36)
    • Add support for environment variables specified in a property file (#128)
    • Documentation improvements (#107, #121)
    • Allow to use a dockerFileDir without any assembly
  • 0.11.2

    • Fix maven parse error when specifying restart policy (#99)
    • Allow host names to be used in port bindings (#101)
    • Add support for tagging at build and push time (#104)
    • Use correct output dir during multi-project builds (#97)
    • descriptor and descriptorRef in the assembly configuration are now optional (#66)
    • Fix NPE when filtering enabled during assembly creation (#82)
    • Allow ${} to be overridden when using a pre-packaged assembly descriptor for artifacts (#111)
  • 0.11.1

    • Add support for binding UDP ports (#83)
    • "Entrypoint" supports now arguments (#84)
    • Fix basedir for multi module projects (#89)
    • Pull base images before building when "autoPull" is switched on (#76, #77, #88)
    • Fix for stopping containers without tag (#86)
  • 0.11.0

    • Add support for binding/exporting containers during startup (#55)
    • Provide better control of the build assembly configuration. In addition, the plugin will now search for assembly descriptors in src/main/docker. This default can be overridden via the global configuration option sourceDirectory.
    • An external Dockerfile can now be specified to build an image.
    • When "creating" containers they get now all host configuration instead of during "start". This is the default behaviour since v1.15 while the older variant where the host configuration is fed into the "start" call is deprecated and will go away.
    • Allow selecting the API version with the configuration "apiVersion". Default and minimum API version is now "v1.15"
    • A registry can be specified as system property docker.registry or environment variable DOCKER_REGISTRY (#26)
    • Add new wait parameter shutdown which allows to specify the amount of time to wait between stopping a container and removing it (#54)

Please note, that the syntax for binding volumes from another container has changed slightly in 0.10.6. See "Volume binding" for details but in short:




The syntax for specifying the build assembly configuration has also changed. See "[Build Assembly] (" for details but in short:



  • 0.10.5

    • Add hooks for external configurations
    • Add property based configuration for images (#42)
    • Add new goal docker:logs for showing logs of configured containers (#49)
    • Support for showing logs during docker:start (#8)
    • Use COPY instead of ADD when putting a Maven assembly into the container (#53)
    • If exportDir is / then do not actually export (since it doesn't make much sense) (see #62)
  • 0.10.4

    • Restructured and updated documentation
    • Fixed push issue when using a private registry (#40)
    • Add support for binding to an arbitrary host IP (#39)
  • 0.10.3

    • Added "remove" goal for cleaning up images
    • Allow "stop" also as standalone goal for stopping all managed builds
  • 0.10.2

    • Support for SSL Authentication with Docker 1.3. Plugin will respect DOCKER_CERT_PATH with fallback to ~/.docker/. The plugin configuration certPath can be used, too and has the highest priority.
    • Getting rid of UniRest, using Apache HttpComponents exclusively for contacting the Docker host.
    • Support for linking of containers (see the configuration in the shootout-docker-maven POM) Images can be specified in any order, the plugin takes care of the right startup order when running containers.
    • Support for waiting on a container's log output before continuing

0.9.x Series

Original configuration syntax (as described in the old README)

  • 0.9.12

    • Fixed push issue when using a private registry (#40)
  • 0.9.11

    • Support for SSL Authentication with Docker 1.3. Plugin will respect DOCKER_CERT_PATH with fallback to ~/.docker/. The plugin configuration certPath can be used, too and has the highest priority.