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disabled use of BeanShell for now as its no longer supported in camel

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1 parent a7f8661 commit acd1d292ca92a124426752749ff524ec39cf14d0 @jstrachan jstrachan committed Nov 14, 2012
@@ -19,7 +19,8 @@ package org.fusesource.camel.tooling.util
class Languages {
val languages = List(
- Language("beanshell", "BeanShell", "BeanShell expression"),
+ // No longer supported by Camel
+ // Language("beanshell", "BeanShell", "BeanShell expression"),
Language("constant", "Constant", "Constant expression"),
Language("el", "EL", "Unified expression language from JSP / JSTL / JSF"),
Language("header", "Header", "Header value"),

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