NOTE: now replaced by fabric8/fabric8-console image. This project creates the fabric8/hawtio docker image
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NOTE this image is now replaced by fabric8/fabric8-console!

This docker image is old and is now replaced by the fabric8/fabric8-console docker image on github at fabric8io/fabric8-console.

For nore detail see the fabric8 console documentation.

fabric8 hawtio docker image

This project builds a docker image for running the hawtio web console which is used by the fabric8 project to provide a universal console to Kubernetes and OpenShift.

Exposes port: 8080

to run it:

docker run -p 9282:8080 -it fabric8/hawtio

If you are running Kubernetes or OpenShift then try this: (where KUBERNETES_MASTER should point to your master REST API such as http://localhost:8080)

docker run -p 9282:8080 -it -e KUBERNETES_MASTER=$KUBERNETES_MASTER fabric8/hawtio

Then access it on your docker host at 9282.

If you are not on linux this article describes how its a good idea to define dockerhost to point to your boot2docker ip address via:

echo $(docker-ip) dockerhost | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts

Then you can easily access anything running on your docker host without having to setup port forwarding.

Building the docker container locally

We have a Docker Index trusted build setup to automatically rebuild the fabric8/hawtio container whenever the Dockerfile is updated, so you shouldn't have to rebuild it locally. But if you want to, here's now to do it...

Once you have installed docker you should be able to create the containers via the following:

git clone
cd hawtio-docker

The hawtio docker container should then build.