Python style doctests for PHP.
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DocTest for PHP

Author: Greg Thornton


This package is a work in progress, and does not guarantee any useful functionality yet. Your mileage may seriously vary.

Project Status

Currently, parsing, running and reporting of tests is fully functional, but (perhaps ironically) tests contained within documentation comments are not fully supported yet. Text files with tests are parsed correctly and can be used at this very moment, but a little more work is required before comments in your code will be correctly parsed for tests. Preliminary support is finished (see the DocTest::testObj() static method) but it is not recursive and cannot search whole files at all yet.

Surely DocTest for PHP Already Exists, Right?

That's what I thought too! And yes, in a way, it does exist. There's already a PHP port of doctest called doctest-php. Unfortunately, it's only documented in Korean (very sparsely) and doesn't work for me out of the box. Additionally, I believe it was developed at a time when PHP's interactive command line mode wasn't available, since the tests are expected to be written in a slightly different format, with output being printed for any return value (like Python) regardless of whether output was requested (via echo, etc). Lack of documentation aside, the differences between test syntax and real-world command line sessions is a huge deal-breaker for any reasonable test-nazi like myself.

It should also be noted that PEAR contains a package called Testing_DocTest which seems to be completely unaware of the existence of the new interactive PHP command line mode, and requires a foreign syntax that looks absolutely nothing like Python's doctest. Not even close!

Departures From Python's doctest Module

  • Test runners do not accept the $compileflags argument since PHP doesn't use special arguments for certain features that might be required by the test.
  • Code level option flag constants are prefixed with DOCTEST_. Specifying options from within doctests may (should) still use the non-prefixed names.
  • Diff style output is not yet available, and the options associated with this feature will also differ from those found in Python.
  • Although it's more accurately a difference between Python's interpreter and PHP's, it's important to note that simply returning a value in PHP's interactive mode will not result in any "expected output." This means tests in PHP have to be slightly more verbose (using var_dump() etc). The only thing you have to remember really, is that if it's not output when you're in a real PHP interactive mode session, it shouldn't be expected as output when writing tests.


  • Move all constants to class constants of DocTest if possible (ditching prefix).
  • Finish Finder class (which will remove phpDoc formatting from tests).
  • Add the familiar testMod() static method (requires completed Finder class).
  • Allow less strict formatting of exceptions.
  • Check exception type and message independently, since Python handles both as one "exception message".
  • Fully support (and test) multibyte encodings.
  • Review indentation handling since PHP shouldn't care.
  • Get fancy with the xdiff extension.
    • Update option flags to handle different diff types provided by xdiff.
    • Override diff options if xdiff extension is not available.