Roadmap, TODO

Andrea Bogazzi edited this page Aug 24, 2017 · 80 revisions
  • Object cache (for performance)
  • WebGL filtering for images ( contributed by shutterstock )
  • Filtering for normal objects
  • Promises
  • Object skewing
  • Support for multiple layers (for performance)
  • Support for re-rendering only changed part of a screen (for performance)
  • Curved text
  • Text word-spacing
  • Letter-spacing
  • Stamp tool like here
  • WebGL renderer
  • Color animation
  • semver
  • Correct path bounding box
  • Global canvas zooming
  • Per-character text selection
  • Paintbrush, streamer tools like here
  • Clip canvas to fabric shape
  • Support SVG patterns
  • getBoundingRect
  • Support multitouch gestures
  • "text-align: justify" for text
  • Make origin of a transformation dynamic (not always centered)
  • Animate multiple properties
  • Better SVG support (some of the current failures: issue 165)
  • Make Cufon-based text rendering optional (rely on native strokeText/fillText instead)
  • Option to enter a mode when rotation and resizing don't happen at the same time
  • Support Node 0.6x
  • Separate object control from rendering (e.g. to render statically, without including "controls" module)
  • Support "static" fabric instance (without events; maybe move dynamic interactions into a module)
  • SVG export
  • Move straighten/fxStraighten out of fabric.Object into optional module (rarely used)
  • Support generic object groups (currently only one group — active selection — can exist on canvas)
  • object.on,
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