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🔒 Single Sign On for Flarum.
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Flarum Single Sign On

This extension equips Flarum with Single Sign On. The workflow is based on this post. The extension is useful if you run Flarum on a subdomain but you want to use the login mechanism of your main website. A dummy main website is provided in the sample-website/ folder.


  1. Create a random token and put it into the api_keys table of your Flarum database.

  2. Go into sample-website folder and copy config.php.dist to config.php:

cd sample-website/
cp config.php.dist config.php
  1. Open config.php with an editor of your choice and configure all settings.

  2. Upload the Forum.php class and config.php to your main website and setup the Forum.php class. An example is given in index.php / logout.php.

  3. Install and activate the extension. Fill in redirect urls for login, signup and logout.

composer require wuethrich44/flarum-ext-sso
  1. Now you should able to log in with your existing users.


This extension comes with a Wordpress plugin which allows you to login into Wordpress and gain also access to your Flarum forum. In order to install the plugin execute the following steps:

  1. Upload the sample-website folder into the plugin folder (/wp-content/plugins/) of your wordpress instance.

  2. Rename it to a name of your choice (e.g. flarum-sso).

  3. Copy config.php.dist to config.php and configure all settings.

  4. Activate the plugin in the settings.

  5. Install and activate the Flarum extension.

composer require wuethrich44/flarum-ext-sso
  1. Fill in the correct urls according to your wordpress instance:


    (The redirect_to=forum part is important as it will redirect your users back to the forum)


    Signup-Url: Depending on which plugin you use.

  2. That's it!

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