Prometheus Alertmanager integration for JIRA
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This is a basic JIRA integration for Alertmanager. It receives Alertmanager webhook messages and files labeled issues for it. If an alert stops firing or starts firing again, tickets are closed or reopened.

Given how generic JIRA is, the integration attempts several different transitions that may be available for an issue.

Consider this an opinionated example snippet. It may not fit your use case without modification.

Running it

JIRA_USERNAME=<your_username> JIRA_PASSWORD=<your_password> ./ 'https://<your_jira>'

In your Alertmanager receiver configurations:

- name: 'jira_issues'
  - url: 'http://<jira_address>/<jira_project>/<single_label>'

A typical usage could be a single 'ALERTS' projects where the label in the URL refers to the affected system or the team that should handle the issue.