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#Kiseru Command-line tools for web apps



Kiseru is a set of command-line tools that move data between web apps - with the flexibility and power you expect from the Unix command line.

For instance, using Kiseru, you can:

  • Create a Pivotal Tracker bug from a YouTrack bug
  • Create a Trello QA card from a Pivotal Tracker bug
  • Create new Pivotal Tracker stories in your favorite text editor
  • And so much more…

In the spirit of "do one thing, do it well", each Kiseru command interacts with a one web app by reading and writing JSON. ki_middleman transforms JSON from one format to another. ki_format slices and dices the JSON so it can be consumed by tools like grep and tail.

A standard Kiseru command will look like

<write JSON from ki_some_app> | <transform JSON with ki_middleman> | <read JSON with ki_some_other_app>


$ gem install ki_pivotal ki_youtrack ki_middleman ki_format ki_trello
$ ki_youtrack init
$ ki_pivotal init
$ ki_trello init
$ ki_middleman --init

Optionally, you can also install moreutils, which include the handy vipe tool

$ brew install moreutils

You can then edit the files in ~/.kiseru. Specifically, you will want to edit ~/.kiseru/transforms.rb


Move a YouTrack bug into Tracker:

$ ki_youtrack issue <ISSUE_ID> | ki_middleman --to pivotal_story | ki_pivotal new_story --project=<PROJECT_ID>

Or, to do all that, then copy the URL to your clipboard (so you can paste it into a browser)

$ ki_youtrack issue <ISSUE_ID> | ki_middleman --to pivotal_story | ki_pivotal new_story --project=<PROJECT_ID> | ki_format --select story_url | pbcopy

Want to edit the file in the pipe? use vipe (make sure EDITOR has been set)

$ ki_youtrack issue <ISSUE_ID> | ki_middleman --to pivotal_story | vipe | ki_pivotal new_story --project=<PROJECT_ID>